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Michael Larabel is an American entrepreneur, software engineer, and technology analyst. Michael is the founder of Phoronix Media, an Internet media company that has become the leader in providing original Linux hardware content and driver information through its many web properties. Its leading web property, Phoronix.com, was founded in 2004 and attracts more than a quarter of a billion hits annually and is frequently cited as being the leading source for those interested in computer hardware and Linux. Phoronix is ranked as one of the top 3,000 web-sites in the world by Netcraft, a top 2,000 blog by Technorati, and has received countless other accolades.

Launched in 2008, Michael Larabel is also the lead developer of the Phoronix Test Suite. This award winning benchmarking and performance profiling software is used in validating hardware, tracking performance regressions, and monitoring hardware performance under Linux, BSD, OS X, Windows, and Solaris platforms. The Phoronix Test Suite is developed in conjunction with leading computer hardware vendors and is used globally by many public organizations, governments, educational institutions, independent software vendors, independent hardware vendors, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Developed as part of the Phoronix Test Suite, Michael also spearheaded the designs of the Phoromatic remote test management software, the PTS Desktop Live operating system, the collaborative OpenBenchmarking.org platform, and other software projects. His test orchestration software has been described as "the best benchmarking platform", "an impressive, fast-developing general-purpose testing suite for both software and hardware", and "takes benchmarking to a whole new level", among other praise that it has received.

Michael Larabel also serves as the director of software development and a managing partner for Blue Heron Network LLC, a US company specializing in assistive technologies for the elderly and those with diminished cognitive abilities such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. Blue Heron Network's premiere product group is Reside@HOME. Reside@HOME is a Linux-based touchscreen-enabled communication device that allows families to stay in contact with their aging loved ones and to assist them in remaining independent for as long as possible.

Michael is also the mastermind behind the Anzwix intelligence platform for the automated discovery of open-source Linux news via an advanced classification and analytics engine that's been developed over the years at Phoronix.

Additionally, Michael has contributed to, been featured in, interviewed, and quoted by several technology publications and media outlets. Among the many publications are Linux+DVD magazine, TIME, TechWorld Sweden, Fedora Weekly News, CNET Networks, TechTarget, TechRadar, Chip Design Magazine, TechNewsWorld, InformationWeek, Linux Devices, Ubuntistas, Linux Planet, Linux.com, Everyday Linux, Blog Talk Radio, PC Plus, WIRED Magazine, and Engadget. His work is frequently cited in press releases, annual reports, corporate web-sites, and other marketing material over the past decade.

Michael has spoken at industry conferences and events such as the Southern California Linux Expo, Ubuntu Developer Summit, MIT, Boston BLU, Chicago Linux Users' Group, and the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. He has additionally authored more than 1,000 articles on the state of Linux graphics drivers and more than 5,000 articles on the Linux hardware ecosystem.

Michael has additionally developed software for companies dealing with content management systems, data analytics, Linux administration, VoIP applications, and data management. Through all of his work he is a Linux and free software advocate with strong support for GNOME, Wayland, LLVM, PHP, X.Org, Fedora, and Ubuntu, among other open-source projects. Michael Larabel primarily resides in the United States and enjoys travelling, beer festivals, piloting aircraft, and surfing.

Michael Larabel can be emailed at michael [at] michaellarabel.com. Professional inquiries can be addressed through Phoronix Media. Michael can also be contacted via Twitter. Michael is available for interview requests, expertise requests, and new venture opportunities.

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